Heaven on earth | Surface Book 2

Surface Book 2 is here; woah-ly guacamole. I went out for a laptop that could meet my needs moving from a powerful desktop to something I can be portable with, and although reason held it’s ground for a long 20 minutes, the minute I saw the surfacebook I knew it was going to get bought. So I’m test driving this Tesla (Elon, you’re not doing so hot nowadays!) Porsche of a laptop/tablet hybrid, and it is blowing me away. The color and resolution of the display is mindblowing, and the ability to use a stylus was never something I actually considered to be something I would give a shot.

Needless to say this wasn’t high on the list of responsible spending accomplishments, but it is extremely high on the list of satisfaction, and hey; I worked hard for my money right? I’m an adult I can have nice things 🙂

Will update soon on working in Lightroom with this beast. And while I’m at it; with 6 GB of VRAM sitting in a GeForce 1060, maybe I’ll break out the Overwatch and see what’s crackin.

A bit about me

I’ve been taking pictures of people (and things, but mostly people) for about 8 years now. I became interested in video production while in college pursuing my B.S. degree in Multimedia and Marketing, and through that ended up buying a t2i Canon camera and a nifty fifty 1.8. After seeing what a little bit of bokeh could do to cast reality in a new light, I started taking my camera everywhere. I started with pictures of my friends, and to this day mostly enjoy candid shots of people in conversations or activity. I like the emotion a photograph can capture in a moment in time, and since that authenticity drives my creative juices I rarely take portrait photographs. My friends will repeat a common phrase they here me say over and over: “Don’t look at me!”. That’s pretty much how I start off with rounds of pictures.

There’s an aspect of photography that really appeals to me, and it is the relationship-building component. You have to connect with your subjects and built report; otherwise the results are very flat. Knowing how to make someone laugh has always been a talent of mine, and I find that skill extremely useful and rewarding in photography. Most people can smile for a picture to an extent, but catching someone laughing organically provides for a great keepsake. People tell me they usually hate how they look in photos but will tell me they love pictures I take of (and give to) them because they seem so much more relaxed and natural. When I hear that, it is high praise to me; I’m flattered. I send them the photographs and it feels so rewarded knowing that they now have a picture of themselves that they like, which is a rare thing to have for most.

Now I carry around a Sony A7 and an old Nikon 50mm 1.8 (and some other stuff). Sure, there are way better systems out there, and I will likely upgrade some items soon, but there is something nice about knowing you can get great pictures with exactly what you have. I could spring an extra 3 grand for a new Song a7riii, but why? Most images I ever use are meant for mobile consumption by personal friends/acquaintences, not commercial or print. I don’t need 42 megapixels to downscale to a great Instagram picture. After the search for the perfect equipment was over, now limitations let me get creative. Too far away? Move. Too dark? Light properly. Too wide? Pick a better focal length for the same distance.

I’m sure photography will continue to develop into new things for me. For now I’m focusing on organizing a portfolio of quality images together to use for an exhibit; something to put myself out there and see what people think. Can’t get better just hiding in a closet! From there, we’ll see!


New desk!

Finally; after 10 years of a small, overcramped workspace for my desktop, I decided to throw the old desk out and buy a table from a consignment store in Grandview to sprawl out everything on. Have some music production equipment hanging out (#AbletonPush!) and my monitors, and camera.  So nice finally having room.

Kit Lens! Sony FE 28-70mm 3.5-5.6 OSS

Decided the time was right to buy a zoom with an autofocus, and what better cost-wise than buy the A7 kit lens itself. In the end, I needed something versatile I could take with me on my trip to Italy and Greece on my walk-arounds where movement can be limited (pretty sure they frown on hopping stanchions in museums). Reviews were pretty much what I expected; good for price, good for what you use it for, bad for the pixel peepers and those who can spot aberration 6.2 miles away from the EVF. Just picked up of off eBay, so I’m going to play around with it!